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Twi317 -- The Stardroid Libra is sent to Twila for her punishment regarding all the mischief she had caused. Meanwhile, Rick deals with his own ill feelings regarding the Stardroid and the rest of her kind...

Twi319b -- A new menece makes himself known to the Hunters...a young cult leader by the name of Kaust Losstaret has joined forces with Wily.

Twi324d -- The Metool that Rick had reprogrammed for his sister awhile back runs into some...difficulties. Hilarious.  :-)

Twi329 -- Kyo-Ohki plays about within the Teleport chamber and the predictable happens...she gets teleported halfway around the world to the city of Sydney, Austraila. Unfortuately, she literally run into someone who could care less of a small, cute lil runaway.

Twi330 -- Rock and Zero test some of the Hunters' skills within the Training Room. Zero needs a lil practice? :-)

Twi331 -- Doppler, Bit, and Byte have some business in Sydney...and it isn't selling insurance...

Twi342 -- Twila's lil cabbit has gotten in trouble again. This time...she's a captive of the Robot Master Snake Man to be used as bait. Before she is..she manages to get loose within the WilyStar and much to E.R.W.I.N.'s regret.

Twi345 -- The bait has been set by Snake Man for none other than Rick Morgan. Amazing what some brothers will go through to save their sister's pet. Can you say "Mew"?

Twi348 -- Another faction-wide Hunter meeting...this time ending in the official induction of Twila as a Hunter...

Twi349 -- Street orphans are able to meet their hero.

Twi358 -- Audios intrude on a converastion making Rick a not-so-happy camper.

Twi360 -- Bass, in his never-ending crusade to be the worst pain in the aft forces Twila to become his unwilling informant.

Twi366 -- A young Repliforcer known as Kritai spends some quiet time on the New Jersey Shore.

Twi370 -- Twila and Rick revist Colorado Springs to warn her relatives of the impending danger Bass poses...only to be met by a cold reception.

Twi371 --  An American middle class neighborhood is given a rather rude awakening that the war isn't as far removed as they first thought.

Twi411b  -- An alarming new law is passed which would automatically clear all Mavericks from their past crimes...

Twi415 -- Rock verses Sigma in Robotropolis. Nuff said?

Twi435 -- Unfortunately, when the WilyStar had gone down within the Indian Ocean, it wasn't the end of the Masters. (As if anything is ever that easy...) Twila learns of this by accidently coming across Bass. He makes certain she doesn't spread the word.

Twi438 -- Another visit from Kaust. This time, his interest lies in Bradley Williams, Mike's brother.

Twi439 -- Mike wakes up after his brother had been abducted by the cult leader.

Twi441 -- A fundraiser held by Marvin Thackery, the former Secratary-General canidate is assault by a group of Mavericks.

Twi446 -- Rock gains some reassurance and encouragment from Twila after certain events have transpired after Protoman has resigned. Meanwhile, said brother battles one on one with Sigma.

Twi452b -- Repliforce Commander General spends a few quiet moments within Memorial Park of Gettysburg...

Twi454 -- The Maverick Hunter Commander meets young Tron Bonn for the first time...overseen by the Femme Master Serenade...

Twi456b -- To the Hunters annoyance, Bass makes an unwanted delivery by driving a truck...right through the front door of the labs.

gvs -- Sigma gains control of one of the UN's sattelittes and threatens Earth. General wastes no time in giving his response...personally.

Twi460 -- Zero goes into another of his rages, this time within the city of Shanghi. Can someone explain why an individual so mentally unstable continues to be the Maverick Hunter XO?  Ok, maybe his reputation is deseved. :-)

Twi461c -- A day at the beach...interrupted...

Twi470 -- During escort duty Rick and Twila learn what has become of Mason as he and a small band of mercenaries attack their aircraft to steal the cargo.

All Good Things... -- Repliforce is accused of going Maverick.  Save for a small few who believe in their innocence they are left to stand against a world who has betrayed them.

Twi483 -- A day or so after Colonel has been blamed for assualting the Maverick Hunter Double some of the newer additions within Repliforce, under Sentinal, lead an assualt on San Angelas. The attack hits too close to home for Rick in more ways than one.

Twi484c -- Hunters Magma Dragoon and Twila take it upon themselves to return one of the fallen Repliforcers to their island as a gesture of good will. While there...Twila receives a message from Snake Man asking for audiance.

Twi485b -- The enevitable happens. The Hunters join forces with the Mavericks and the U.N. to attack Repliforce Island.

Twi485c -- continuation of previous log.

Twi485d --What happens behind the scenes during the assualt.

Twi487 -- The tide begins to turn...and the Maverick master plan is revealed.

Twi487b -- Battle at the U.N...and the aftermath.

Twi491 -- Twila happens upon a member of Repliforce not long after the army had been granted pardon by the world at large.

Exchange Program -- In order to strengthen the standing between the Hunters and Repliforce 5 individuals from both factions are chosen to partake of an exchange

Twi506 -- During the exchange, Feedback decides that he wants out of the Repliforce detention center. Guess it goes over his head that you *don't* call Colonel an "idiot" and expect to get away with it.

Twi506b -- Missing Twila, Kyo throws a tantrum.  It's up to Rick to cheer her up...or rather...his little mech-dragon Puff.

Twi507c -- Zero and Blues to battle...leaving the mantle of leadership in dire question shortly afterwards.

Twi508b -- Bass visits Ruby's Diner in search of a certain long haired Hunter in scarlet Hunter. Who he finds is Twila. After making his demands for the location of Rock a call for help is sent out...which leads Bass to face what he never suspected.

Twi509b -- While Shield escorts Twila along New York's beach they come across an a young pirate who has found Bass' remains...

Twi552 -- A few months had passed since the untimely death of the noble King Dragon. Twila and Rick venture into the region of Africa's Congo in order to fulfill a promise that had been made to a friend.

Twi541b -- Within the Andes Mountains a son dwells with the sole hope of carrying out the last wish of his father.

Twi588 -- A meeting between two friendswithin a bar known as Purgatory...and then came a Maverick.

Twi589 -- A scene within Nogaki Commerical District Sublevel 1 nearly takes the life of Bradely Williams, younger brother of Maverik Hunter Mike Eildath. However, there's a surprise intervention...which later draws two friends to become closer.

OOC Logs

BluesAud -- An audition by one of the previous scarfboy's.

Dragon --An OOC last battle between Repliforce's General and Dr. Albert Wily with his that would forever decide the victor of Earth's Robot Wars.

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