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Twi215 -- After some of the smoke has settled Rick and Twila have finally traced down their birth mother and establish contact...prompting an emotional reunion. (long)

Twi217 -- Feedback: he certainly knows how to talk...and talk...and talk...

Twi218b -- Zero had been severely injured in battle the day before and, unknown due to miscommunications between Twila and the rest of the medical staff, his repairs were not yet completed. Not too many, if any, times has a forcefield been in use within this bay.  When it's usually for good reason.  The girl, as well as the others in the room, are met with quite an awakening from the beserker as a result. And Twila thought she had it bad when she woke up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning!

Twi219 -- Michael Eidalth, one of the few human Maverick Hunters, visits with an upstart presently within the hospital regarding an anti-mech riot he had instigated...and is rather shocked at the final outcome of the meeting.

Twi248a -- The eagle-like reploid Signal Shrike shares some of his sordid past with Twila...only to learn of an unlikely eavesdropper within their midst. 2001 channels on the television monitor and some Stardroids *still* can't find anything good to watch.

Twi248b -- Several Mavericks place a plan into motion which would endanger the lives of thousands who live within the city of Denver, Colorado...

Twi249 -- One of Light Lab's own announces her need for a leave of absence...

Twi257 -- Zero has a special gift to offer Twila to bid farewell. Who would have thought of him as a "Matchmaker"...especially regarding his own troubles with Iris?

Twi259 -- Until we meet again. A tearful farewell..

Twi260 -- Due to an unexplainable occurance the reploid known as Vile has been reclaimed by his former personality known as Vava, who had, at one time, been a high ranking officer within Repliforce. However, the world fails to see beyond the crimes of his "darker side". A trial before the United Nations Secretary General, as well as the rest of the world, takes place...and tragedy strikes...

Twi277 -- Twila has, by now, rejoined the Maverick Hunter staff. A newcomer somehow manages to find himself up the proverbial creek without a padal when he hacks into the Hunter broadband. This no make Zero Mr. Happy...or most anyone else for that matter. Enter Noise and his Orb...stage left.

Judgement TP -- The time draws nigh as the Stardroids prepare to render their final judgement upon the Earth, cueing in from much of the Greek/Roman Pantheon they have patterned themselves after...

Twi281 -- The one known as Chaos makes an unexpected visit to the Maverick Hunters repair bay and nearly envelopes Twila within a black mass. She's left to deal with the aftereffects while Zero takes under his wing the training of a new Hunter recruit. It is here a chain of events begin which signal the beginning of the upcoming Judgement.

Twi281b -- Another Stardroid, Mercury, makes his own visit to the center and it's occupants to provide a test of sorts. He is one of many involved within the uprising surge of Stardroid activity.

Twi282c -- While combating Robot Masters Zero and Michael Eildath encouter the Stardroid Saturn, who "blesses" an unexpecting Mike with a "gift". Meanwhile, the Stardroid Libra makes her own appearance within the Medical Center...

Twi287 --The Robot Masters gang up on the Stardroid Commander known as Duo...and get more than they bargined for. Whoops!

Twi290d -- Certainly a change in pace is in order from all the recent accumlated stress. And Rick Morgan seems to know just what to prescribe to help his sister. A smile does wonders, especially when offered by a few wild dolphin who the twins are taken to see. One of my personal favorites.

Twi294 -- o/~ Do - Re - Mew! o/~ Little Kyo-Ohki gives Micheal some singing lessons while he practices some guitar strumming in the Command Center.

Twi295 -- Just a small visit to the Cairo Market to browse. Nothing can possibly happen...correct? Bring in Vile, who has some "business" to settle with his brother Swing, several other Mavericks as well as Dr. Wily and his Masters and think again. In the words of Bass regarding Twil's talent for getting into trouble: "Sometimes I begin to wonder if somewhere deep down you have a morbid enjoyment of this..." (Well, it would be boring otherwise wouldn't it?)

Twi295b -- Libra's first attempt on Twila's life, thrawted by none other the the resident Hunter Beserker. He doesn't really deserve his bad reputaion...

Twi296 -- Libra's second attempt on Twila's life. This time, stopped by a very unexpected individual...Libra's fellow Stardroid Eclipse!

Twi298 -- Dr. Wily approaches the Hunters with a truce, one that either will be or already is, extended to Repliforce as well as the Mavericks concerning the threat the Stardroids pose. Soon after the Stardroids Pluto and Venus appear, one at the South Pole, the other in Florida. Both are confronted by the young Alliance. After the Flordia incident, Libra makes some revalations while knowingly being taped on an international broadcast.

Twi299b -- Dr. Wily makes some revalations of his to just why Twila may indeed be "better off dead". Being the prophisied "downfall of Earth" may be a reason. Meep?!

Twi301-- Again Rick Morgan decides to take Twila out for a breather...this time to a beach along the South American coast to observe the sea turtles as they play their part within the "circle of life". A visitor joins then to watch as well, none other than the Stardroid who has taken the seas under his care: Neptune. Another of my personal favorites.

Twi303 -- Some individuals seem to take Libra's warning of Twila being the one responsible for Earth's destruction to heart. When she's spotted within the city of San Angeles it's up to Bass of all people to stop a riot before it starts. Who would have known he would have made a good politician? Bass Clinton? Bill Bass?

Twi306b -- Libra makes yet ANOTHER visit to Twila within the medical center. At stake in the discussion which ensues? Freedom...and choices.

Twi307b -- Duo renders his Judgment upon the Earth. The verdict is: Guilty. The sentance: Damnation. Earth is given one final week to live.

Twi308b -- The Stardroid Luna arrives on Earth. Libra, still upset that Eclipse has thrawted previous attempts on Twila's life, manipulates the Historian in thinking the Watcher must be executed for his suposed crimes of betraying the Balance. Soon after, a gathering is called at the Alliance's place of meeting, the San Angelas Memorial Stadium, which is attended by a one Stardroid who is known to fight for Earth: Terra.

Twi308c -- Behold, the Watcher can no longer stand by and merely watch. When his fellow Stardroid Pluto appears at the Stadium, Eclipse finally takes action against him, thus bringing about Libra's prophesy.

Twi309 -- Mercury makes another visit to Twila, as well as Dr. Wily and the Robot Master King, this time as a Messanger and Herald.

Twi309c -- Eclipse must now face the Huntress, and his execution.

Twi310b -- The Stardroid Neptune makes his decent upon the Earth. The Alliance combines it's powers to make their strike against him and gain his key. However, as it is soon learned by Twila, Swing, and Zero, weaponry and firepower is not what ultiamtely brings about his defeat.

Twi312 -- Libra's intentions and prupose are finally realized and the downfall of Pluto commences.

Twi313c -- The Stardroid Uranus is confronted for his own key. Unfortunatle, despite the fact that simplictity is the rule while dealing with this Stardroid, understanding the key proves to be anything but.

Twi314 -- As Michael Eildath and Mac confront Jupiter they learn a new meaning of "killing with kindness." (Michael's POV)

Twi314b -- Saturn, someone who Zero as well as Michael well remember, is faced.

Twi315 -- Judgement Day has arrived. All the keys other than Duo's has been gleened. Final preperations are made by the combined members of the Alliance.

Twi315b --The last stand. But who's will it be: Earth's or Duo's? And at what cost is Terra released from his prison so he is able to combat the Planet Destroyer?

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