Megaman Logs

Mechanical life such as robots, androids, and now reploids have always facinated me for some reason another. TRANSFORMERS as well as characters from other series such as Data from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION have tapped into that love. And now a certain other path has been made.

Known as Megaman within the United States (Rockman within Japan) the series first began as a number of video games for the Nintendo game system. Other games, as well as a new series entitled "Megaman X" soon followed. Although the games themselves were basically of the usual "bang-bang, shoot-the-baddie" type genre there is a fairly interesting storyline behind them. Information regarding these official, as well as not-so-official, backgrounds can be found in massive abundance upon the web.

There was one Megaman Mush with an interesting theme found.

What is a MUSH? Mush stands for Multi-User-Shared-Hallucination. Basically it's an online role-playing game in which one sends in an application for a character and, if approved, takes on the personality of the character and portrays the character within a certain envoirnment and circumstances. It's much like an on-going, interactive story.

Twi104b -- Meeting of all available personnel and staff within Light Labs. Near the's safe to say I know some 5 yr. olds who acted older than some androids/reploids I could name.

Twi124 -- Wily wandering around New York, hiding behind a paper and following Dr. Light. Hide the walking canes!

Twi125b -- Kalinka gets taken to the seashore. Unfortutely, she and Twila see much more than sea shells.

Twi129b -- A certain cabbit has an unexpected meeting with Snake Man, giving new meaning the the term "Mewo Mix", especially when Bass's canine companion Treble jumps into the fray. For some reason, Bass doesn't turn out too happy over the small incident.

Twi139b -- Twila has been seeing less and less of Rock as time goes by due to the increasing demands placed on him regarding his work. Realizing that Rock is unable to meet the demands required of a husband, just as she would be unable to meet the demands to become Rock's wife, Twila breaks the engagement.

Twi141b -- Even wonder what Bass is like when he's in one of *those* moods?  Twila finds out some time after she and Rock have made ammends.

Twi150c -- Maverick Hunter Technician Rick Morgon finds himself having to confront his past within a run down district of of San Angelas.

These are a part of a Tiny-Plot in which Twila had been kidnapped by the Robot Masters and held captive by Dr. Wily for a week.  Extremely hilarious in parts...

Twi155 -- Twila's captured by the Robot Masters. Seems as if Wily has his sights set on the young woman for some reason. Someone hear wedding bells?

Twi156 -- Who would have thought one little old lady such as Ma Wily could toss Skull Fortress into such an uproar?

Twi157 -- Twila inadvertently gives Wily a heart attack. How'd that happen? o:)

Twi158b -- Bass *definitely* has his own opinions about this wedding.

Twi159 -- Wily's first date. Rock better just be grateful none of *his* nightmares on his first date with  Twila came true.

Twi160 -- Dr. Wily has a second heart attack???

Twi162 -- "If anyone can show just cause why this man and woman should not be wed..." The Maverick Hunters (led by Blues who's been posing as Megaman and visa-versa since Twi155) within the surrounding crowds around the area of the wedding offer a very loud and clear "just cause" of their own.

Twi165b -- Not long after Twila's rescue from Skull Island, Rick Morgon is again faced with a specter from his past. When all is said and done, he and Twila are faced with something *else* as well as the result of an emergency blood transfusion needed by the cyborg...

Twi166 -- Look, Ma...twins!!!

Twi171 -- Rick confronts his parents regarding his adoption.

Twi184 -- Vile introduces a small Reploid child to Rock, showing not all welfare takes place on the battlefield.

Trans-Dimensional TP -- These are logs from a lengthy TP involving the arrival of certain characters from alternate times and places. Megaman, Protoman, and Quint arrive from a differing innocent version of Earth's past...and X, Magistrate Vile, Lady Virus, and later on, even Kaiser Sigma come from a differing Earth's sordid future.

Twi188 -- Zero attempts to sway Lady Virus, who he maintains is his Iris, and pays the price for his unwillingness to accept.

Twi188b -- Protoman and Quint from an alternate Earth's past are summon by Wily into this realm. Watch for the "hood ornament" comment by Proto directed towards Bass. :-)

Twi191a -- Twila has a small meaningful conversation with X.

Twi194b -- Rock and Twila have a talk over cups of Hot Coco within the Recreation Room. It's then Big Brother Rick makes an entrance to make certain the two behave themselves.

Twi198 -- The reploid child Innocence who Rock had been introduced to several weeks before is dealt a horrible fate not only by Vile but also by Bass.

Twi200 -- Protoman teleports himself into the Light Labs. Because of a few "misunderstanding" a fire fight breaks out right there within the Command Center between him, X, and some of the other Hunters. Hope those computers were on warranty.

Twi200c -- The Repliforce General is is paid a visit by a very unlikely visitor...

Twi206 -- The Mavericks attack Robotropolis under the leadership of the Kaiser. The Hunters, along with Repiloforce, are dispatched to help try and evacuate the civilians. An unexpected Robot Master and his "mechanical mutt" catch a ride back to Light Labs. It provides yet another situation in which Feedback finds himself once again getting himself into trouble. Open mouth, insert foot.

Twi207b -- Sigma...who had earlier been trashed by the Kaiser upon his arrival in Earth's timeframe in order to gain control of the Maverick's, finds himself a patient within the Medical Center of Light Labs. Understandably, this causes some upheaval for the Hunters in general. And guess who else decides to pay the labs a small visit? Seems like the presence of certain "out of towners" are getting more than one eye/optic-brow raised. Also, since when did Light Labs become a free clinic? Sigma unknowingly begins a trend...

Twi208 -- If Kaiser was able to handle his own against Sigma...why does Bass think he would have faired any better?

Twi209b -- The meeting between the four factions to discuss this "minor" dilemma. Hey, relax...saving the universe from destruction can't be *that* big of a deal can it? (long)

Twi210 -- Enker decides that he and his fellow Master need to act as Wily's envoys and try to threaten Twila and her brother to allow them into Light Labs so they can speak with Dr. Light. Colonel from Repliforce also makes an appearance to offer the Hunters disturbing information regarding a doomsday device that will be used if no other alternative is available to solve the problem of the timestream.

Twi210b -- E.R.W.I.N., a computer program by Wily, hops from Master to Master to avoid Bass's wrath for posting a particular edited photograph of Bass in a bikini on the internet. Masters can be soooooo silly sometimes... (Takes place near the end of 210.)

Twi211 -- Twila has another talk with X, this time she helps him remember  something about himself he thought he had long forgotten...

Twi212a -- Rick Morgan within his Kodiak Ride Armor and his pal Collossal Kong from Repliforce decide to scout out Skull Island upon which the Kaiser had laid siege too not long before...and encounters the Kaiser himself. Er...whoops!!

Twi212b -- Finale. The final confrontation between Kaiser and the combined forces of the Hunters, Repliforce, Masters, and the Mavericks loyal to Sigma. (long)

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...and, as with any story, there are chapters yet to be told...