"One by one my leaves fall...One by one my tales are told..."


pep5 -- A dwarvish manmeets a squire on the outskirts of the area of Ivalice. In the course ofconversation the discussion shifts the the weapons of war and the mannerof hearts who use such. 

pep3 -- During the followingevents a new arrival to this strange world Pepin arrives at the mountaintownknown as Narshe.  Orginally having left his village to seek out anyinformation he can glean on the Convergance, he soon learns Gaiais on theverge of yet another...

The Way Home: An outcast and a young girl return to the elvish village of their origins...leading both to decide which path to tred before thetime to depart draws nigh. This even as, unknown to them, the world inwhich they left and must  return carries a rather uncertain future.

alya95 -- Recievinga visit from Katsuhiro's sister, one he hasn't seen for over a century,it islearned their parents have fallen gravely ill. Accompanied by AlyaandHishounin they begin their journey.

alya96 -- Once crossingoverthe mystical and mysterious Cephiro Barrier the travelers prepareto makeway to Kanashimi Village itself where one of it's native sons isnot welcomein the least.

alya97 -- Once arrivingatthe Kusanagui household, Katsuhiro is reunited with his ailing parents.And Alya finally gets to meet her new grandparents. She also learns justwhy her foster father has been so harshly shunned as the Kozuki or "MoonChild".

alya98 -- The followingday brings another surprise. Despite knowing that it might mean he mayloosehis adopted daughter, Katsuhiro aids in reuniting Alya with her birthfamily.A family...she hardly ever remembers having.

alya98b -- Asmall reconciliation between a regretful mother with her long-lost daughter, as well as a talk between two sisters.

alya99 -- A hitokiri (assassin) arrives come several days later.   As Alya is used as morethan mere bait , as well as a catalyst, Katsuhiro is forced to take up achallange.

alya100 -- When Katsuhiroreturns to the village after having dealt with  Jin-E  withthe child he's suspected of being either directly/indirectly guilty regardingthe hikotori's arrival,  the death of the chieftan's gurads, Okina'spresent state of health, and the threat placed on Alya.  Some timelaterafter "Papa" has urged the girl to visit her injured natural father thereis a break-in into the Shinomori manor.  Is Okina another target?  Oris there something much more sinister at work behind the scenes? (Warning:Long!)

alya101 -- A finalconfrontation results with the diabolical enitity responsible for luringKatsuhiro back to a home and people that abandoned him long ago.  It'sone intent-- Katsuhiro's death.

alya104 -- Aftermath...

pep7 -- Withintheresort town of Costa De Sol, Pepin comes across a rather emotionally unstableLucrecia while visiting the local Bar and Grill.  When nerves areheightened she shifts into her alternate form...which isn't good for a certainShinRa executive who also happens to have just arrived.

pep13 -- Small scenetaking place in Ivalice at the Golden Wolf Tavern.  Involves an Esper, anElf, and a Halfling.  Oh yeah...and a few humans who can't hold theirale and who like to Dwarf-Toss.  How rude!!  :-p

alya106 -- Alya climbsanew tree...and drinks water from a tree...and holds a conversation witha tree.  No pruning the tree!!

alya114 -- Upon somepassage of time, Squall confronts Alya about the incident at Balamb Gardenregarding  her papa and a certain ambassador of Alexandria.

alya115b -- A teacher and his student have a chance meeting within the realm of Mua Forest.

alya117 -- After aprolonged absence from Papa, Alya is found wandering alone with Hishouninby a kind manager of a mobile Casino.  The next day a reunion as wellas a miracle takes place.

alya121 -- Who wouldthink that a powerful elfish mage would actually enjoy playing in the snow? (Cute...but, Katsuhiro's participation in snowball fights stillneed a wee bit of work...)

alya123 -- A stayin Tri-City nearly results in tragedy when  Heydo's powers threatentomanifest themselves.

alya124 --  Katsuhiro and Terra have another brief, heartfelt encounter.

pep15 --  A meeting in the forest between four strangers may turn profitable a certain owner of the Black Jack Casino with the aid of a very skilled mechanic known asErriksand  a somewhat skilled Halfling.

pep16 --  Garland'sunprovoked attack on Alexandria.

alya128 -- While within Narshe, a wannabee swordsmen known as Zeigfried has a sparing session with Katshuhiro.  Wait a sec...you call the elf getting into a defensive stance and the other guy spinning himself silly and getting knocked upside a wall as an attempt to throw the first swing a swordfight?  (Yeah...sure...)  ^_^  Also, Alya has her first "sounding" lesson.  

alya132 -- What couldhave been a near fatal incident instead acts as a catalyst for the emergenceof Alya's own wings.

pep19 --  A  visitto a forest brings together a meeting between certain Halfling  anda certain oddly dressed eight year old boy...

The following  from this point on was role-played out on a server that runs via personal computer.  The program used is entitled PhiNet and it works much like an IRC channel.If interested in said program it can be found at many websites offering free server software...

alya138 -- Alya andthe young man Garr hatch deviously hatch a plot behind her father and her brother.  How...evil...

alya139 -- The workbyall bears fruit.  Happy Birthday Katsuhiro & Heydo!!

alya140 -- After thebirthday celebration Katsuhiro is given a special gift...from the familyhe is forever seperated.

alya141 -- After a fair amount of absense  between father and daughter...

alya142 -- The passingon of Katsuhiro's Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu style of Kenjutsu.

alya143 -- Anunexpected visit...

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