"Each heart is a Pilgrim...Each heart wants to know...The reason why the winds die...And where the stories go...

...Pilgrim in your journey...You must travel far...For Pilgrim it's a long way....To find out who you are..."



One dark night, the stars disappeared, and the sky glowed with an unearthly light. People all over trembled, fearing that the world was coming to an end.  However, that end never occured. The light faded, and many people awoke the next morning thinking nothing that changed...but in many cities, they soon found, it had.

Alya is one such a person. As a toddler she innocently wanderedawayfrom her parents while they were visiting the Ulan forests -- outsidetheCephiro Barriar.  Found by a young man  named Micah beforeher parentscould locate her, she was taken to his home and his wife.  Ayear orso later the little girl contracted an illness which would rob herof herhearing and speech -- as well as whatever memories  or  elvishheritageshe possessed of her former home. 

The deaf/mute child remainedunderthe care of Micah and Rebecca until a few months after the humancouplecelebrated their fiftieth wedding anninversary.  The twofarmersthen traveled to a nearby village to visit with local merchants. Alyawaited and waited for them to come back. They never did.

Now, forced out of her isolation,Alya faces a world she never knew...

Please note the logs below maycontainlanguage despite attempts of editing.  Also, some logs are setwithinthe intended order of events regardless of when they were actuallyrole-played.

alya2-- Second meeting with the half-Esper known as Serene around the surroundingforestsof a mountain town. This time, the insane Imperial clown known asKefka soonjoins the two. He really should get another shade of lipstick thatwouldbe more suiting.

alya3 --A strange, but lonely, boy befriends the deaf/mute upon finding her withinan Alya after being in the city for only a few days.

alya5 --While finding herself an unwitting stow-a-way onboard a ship, the child befriendsalone, mysterious young man.

alya6 --Time is taken between the two friends to know one another...including a magicalflightover the ocean waters.

alya7 --A rather disconcorting discussion with Serene.

alya10 --Alya'sfirst training session with her new instructor.

alya13-- Gaining the attention of the "grumpy" Imperial Magitek knightas Leshjak outsideof Vector, the little elf is quite nearly taken to seethe Emporer Gestahl.It's a shame he has such a low opinion of girl's isn'tit?

alya17 --First meeting of Leshjak as he takes on the persona of "Beth", a white mage,ashe takes up spying around the mountian town of Narshe. Surprisingly...he'sverygood at the role. Perhaps...TOO good...

alya18 --Mirror and "Beth" are met once again at the Narshe in. This time...largerpatronenters the scene. One Alya has met only once before. Only... -gasp-...this patron should someday realize it's not nice to tug on people'e ears.Hmph!

alya21 --The Empire makes its assalt upon the mountain town with its emporer leadingtheattack himself.

alya22-- When Katsuhiro seems to dismiss the elf child's concern regardinghis well-being Alya can't help put feel she's being rejected in a way aswell.

alya23 --While within Costa De Sol Alya (literally) bumps into a red-haired cowboywho turnsout to be allied to a mysterous "Garden" known as Balamb.

alya24 --Howthe deaf hear. Alya "listens" to a bard as he preforms for a small groupofchildren while still in the costal city with her (now invisable) fellow elf.

alya26 --Anothernew friend has been made the night before in the form of the serpionKrivix. Alya learns one can never be too careful in making certain a friendis fully tended too, the Dragoone known as Kain lifts up restrictions, andKatsuhiro gains a daughter.

alya28 --Alya meets Hyro again...this time with him attempting to offer her eithera wayto work out their "differnances", or death. And all this because thelittlegirl didn't want her ears pulled.

alya29 --Once again Alya finds herself in Narshe as if she had been drawn. This despitethefact she's now aware that the Emporer Gestahl now has an interest inher...andthat the very same Empire has had the mountain town under seigesince theinitial assualt.

alya33 --Irvine of the Balamb Garden SeeD realizes the mistake when his superiorsaccepteda contract to find Alya. It is learned the "search and rescue" missionthey were informed of is nothing of the kind. Unfortunately, before Alyacan be taken to saftey, another mysterious figure makes plans to fulfillthe contract - himself.

alya34 --Now in the custody of Shadow and his dog Interceptor and on their way toVector.

alya35b --Arrivalat Vector as nothing more than a prisoner who is to be bought andsold. However,not everyone seems to agree with the Emporer's plans.

alya37 --Gestahl finally meets with his new prize...and almost has the door shut rightinto his face.

alya38 --Mirror and Leshjak take note that Alya is now within the the Imperial capital.And Leshjak manages to make Alya cry. Not so typical; the young man actuallybeginsto feel sorry that he did so. And Alya discusses her own feelings regardingthe subject of education; particurlay politics. Ttttttthbts!

alya39 --The hot-headed Magitek knight seems to form a liking for the elf.  Althoughhehas a very strange way of doing so...

alya41 --Toss in a little hijynx, an angsty half-Esper, some fire...and you have quitea few wanting to join Alya in swinging from the banisters.

alya43 --Mirror discusses ways with Alya to aid her in a possible escape.

alya45b --Aaaaaaw...Leshjaktries to find some flowers for Cyrilla. How -cuuuuuute-!

alya46 --While having some breakfest within the Grad Hall Alya tries her best to keepupwith several spoken, as well as telepathic, conversations.

alya46b --Leshjak finally learns to eat with something more than a stick. He also gainsthe courage in asking the princess out on a date. Ooooooooooooooo...

alya48 --And...Leshjak learns to actually dance. Just be greatful he doesn't havetwo prominant leftfeet.

alya49 --RESCUED!! (Warning: Long)

alya50 --Laterthat night within Balamb Garden Alya is able to thank the one responsibleforthat rescue.

alya51 --Reunited with her foster father, Alya is welcomed back with a rather uniqueparty...and given a rather special gift.

alya53b --While within the mystical Mua Forest a rather unsettling figure lays claimtoall that's surveyed.

alya58 --Thelegendary Paladin known as Cecil. Enter stage right.

alya59a-- Katsuhiro shares a piece of his painful past with his daughter.

alya63a --After gleaning some rumors from within Tri-City of someone fitting Heydo'adescriptionwithin the city of Midgar, Alya acts rashly by deciding to head there. Asthe voice of reason, Krivix tries to stop her.

alya65 --When Heydo is found and is allowed to recover, Alya herself falls ill whilebeingwithin the city that's devoid of natural life. Drakazer and new friendAeris accompany the two children back on their way back to Tri-City.

alya70-- Alya has offered to aid a dethroned queen to awaken upon her returnto Tri-City upon the request of Alexandrian ambassador Zidine. Unfortunately,hisconcern for Alya during the attempt to awaken Garnet has much to be desired.

alya71 --The small elf makes his way to the regent's room to see how a friend is doingafter he was injured during a confrontation with an old enemy.

alya66 --The dangerous Training Center within Balamb Garden, Ice Cream, a new braid,anda place of acceptance?

alya78 --A day at the beach with Papa ends in meeting a new friend in the form ofa child-like beast girl.

alya80 --Hishounin's wings emerge, to some of Zell's dismay. And some rather startlingnews that endangers the deeply held honor of the Katsuhiro.

alya83b --A brief meeting with a stranger in the forest.  As well as a discussionconcerning the continued stay at Balamb Garden due to some of the unsavoryfolkallowed to keep residence.  Not to mention an attempt made by Alya'sfatherto repay Zidane for the "kindness" he offered to his daughter whenshe gavehis queen aid.

pub -- A gathering between friends and foeswithin Figaro Pub.

alya84 -- Katsuhironow adds two more cities within his tally ofthose who he has angered.  Or...if Beatrix, a General from Alexandria,seems to indicate...is it only one?

alya89b -- The path of theSatsu-Jin-Ken, Elvish for "Sword of Death" or "Sword that kills my enemy".

alya94 -- What a little confusioncanbring about among a little elf girl, a much older elf, two ninjas, aderangeddog, and a overly curious dragonne...

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